Harbour Bar Special Cask Release & Powers Whiskey Gift Set

Harbour Bar Special Cask Release & Powers Whiskey Gift Set

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Commissioned especially for The Harbour Bar.

Cask No 44600, hand selected by Powers Master Blenders David McCabe and Billy Leighton, is a 12 year old matured in a first filled American bourbon barrel.

Yielding just 265 bottles, this unique and very special whiskey is only available at The Harbour Bar and via our website.

Nose: Confectionary sweetness with orange zest and fresh notes of melon and green banana while earthy woodland notes along with cedarwood and pine linger in the background over pot still spices and a mild nuttiness.

Taste: The initial pot still spices softly give way revealing the signature mouthcoating texture with the honeyed fruit character continuously building while the American charred oak intensifies the sweet attributes with waves of toffee and vanilla.

Finish: Full and rich with the oak lingering until the end before finally giving way to grains of barley.

 Set also includes: Powers Whiskey jumper, socks and whiskey tumblers.